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Detective Agency Mumbai, is India's one of the most trusted names in the private investigation field. We offer Pre Matrimonial & Post Matrimonial Investigations, Domestic & Foreign Tour Shadowing, Business Partner Investigation etc. services. We are providing all types of detective services in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Kalyan and almost all major cities of India. We have the team of fully trained, well skilled and experienced detectives which will work for you.

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People search detective firm when they are in need. Nobody wants to meet investigators without reason. Here at Mumbai's best private investigation firm, We meet the people, understand their problems and help them to find out the path. Detective Agency Mumbai are the 100% result oriented private investigation firm. We have the best team of private detectives in Mumbai, Pune and almost all metro cities of India. We can proudly say we have assisted more than a thousand clients in past 10 years.

Looking For Private Detectives In Mumbai, Pune, India?

Do you think your partner is cheating you? Want to know everything about their past and present? Private investigation helps you in many cases such as Matrimonial Affairs, Money Recovery, Missing Persons, Domestic and Foreign Tour Shadowing, Surveillance etc. Hiring a private detective is a very difficult task. But here at Mumbai's best detective agency, we assure you the best private investigation services in Mumbai at the most competitive prices ever.

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Detective Services We Offer:

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Are you in search of a pre-marriage detective agency in Mumbai? In today's world, matrimonial background verification is necessary for all people. Here at Detective Agency Mumbai we provide all types of pre-matrimonial investigation services at the most competitive prices ever. Pre Marriage investigations include background verification, financial status investigation, employment details and many more. These investigations are really helpful in choosing a right partner for your future life. There are many cases where people hide these things or spread lies about this to show their fake status. Before marrying with someone, it's our responsibility to investigate this.

Post Matrimonial Investigations

Do you think that your spouse is cheating on you? Want to find his or her extramarital affair? Extramarital affairs are one of the common cause behind marriage failures. People hide their affairs with spouse and cheat on them. If you are also a victim of extramarital affairs or facing problems in married life then you should consult a reliable and trusted matrimonial detective agency in Mumbai. We help you to collect all the evidence against your partner. The complete investigation process kept in secret to save your relationship. The whole investigation includes extramarital affair finding, pre-marriage affairs investigation, professional life, and social life investigations etc.

Love Affairs Investigation

Today's generation is easily falling in love with anybody. Maybe due to attraction or something else. But without knowing properly loving someone is also life-threatening for you. People take advantages of situations and make videos or click pictures etc. After that, they will blackmail you for money. there are many other cases where you need this investigation. If you are in love with someone and want to marry with him/her. But it may be possible that he/she is having another affair and now he/she is not responding you properly. Detective Agency Mumbai provides the private investigation services to find out the lover matters and cheating incidents.

Domestic Tour Shadowing

Most of the times it found that people who usually go on tour without any reason are doing something wrong. Do you want to hire a detective to follow someone? Your Spouse /Partner is going on a domestic tour and you want to hire a person who will follow him/her? Detective Agency Mumbai is offering domestic tour shadowing services for the all over India. We have a team of private investigators who collect the 100% trustworthy information from any part of India. Domestic tour shadowing is useful in Matrimonial investigations, business partner investigations etc. We provide this service at the most competitive price ever.

Foreign Tour Shadowing

Many of the private investigators do not provide shadowing services during foreign tours. But here at India's one of the best private investigation agency, we are proudly providing foreign tour shadowing services with the dedicated group of private detectives investigators at the best prices ever. Following someone on foreign tours is really expensive and costly work. Other investigation agencies charge a huge amount for this. But we don't need to send individual with them to follow the suspect. Our overseas located detectives will fulfill this work for you. They will send you all the details of suspect including meeting and stays.

Surveillance Specialist

Surveillance is nothing but the monitoring a person without being made aware that he/she are being monitored. Surveillance helps you to find out the behavior of you near ones. If you are in search of a Surveillance specialist in Mumbai and Pune then we are the right choice for you. When you are following someone then there are lot of limitations. At many places they don't allow you to enter their premises without permission. But as we are licensed and approved detective agency in Mumbai, these places are in our reach. We easily reach there to collect the needful information for our valuable customers.

Fraud Investigation Service

Stuck in financial fraud? Financial fraud is includes Bank Fraud, False accounting fraud, land banking scams, credit card or debit card scam etc. Are you victim of financial fraud and want to hire a professional private detective for Fraud Investigation Service in Mumbai? Then Detective Agency Mumbai is the ultimate choice for you. Our specially trained and technically superior private investigators are perfect for your need. They will gather all the fruitful information in physical and digital format. We also assist you in fishing scams, cheat fund frauds and many more where no one is helping you.

Missing Person Investigations

DDo you want hire a detective to find someone? Want to do missing persons private investigation in Mumbai, India? Detective Agency Mumbai, India helps you to find your family member or missing person. We have the team of private investigators which definately brings the detailed information about missing person. Losing a near one is really a big loss for all. If your near one is missing then don't waste time just contact us immediately and hire our dedicated detective to find out the missing person. This investigation is also helpful to find the person who has taken your money and now hiding somewhere.

Blackmailing Investigations

Someone blackmailing you and threatning you? Don’t worry now. Hire expert private investigator from Detective Agency Mumbai and he will bring all the details about your blackmailer for you at the very low prices. Blackmailer may have your private photos or videos. In today's digital environment it is a really difficult task to stop blackmailer from publishing these private documents on internet medium. It may cause a big loss for you. In this case, you need an experienced and quick person who will find out blackmailer and keep all the information safe. We have some of the best private detectives in Mumbai.

Cheating Matters

Nothing is bitter than a broken heart. In today's competitive world, there is no value for true emotions. People can easily break trust and many times these people are our dear ones. In each and every relationship there are the moments when you feel broken. People cheat in love, marriage life, business, friendship and even in blood relations. If you are also one of them who feel broken, then don't lose your confidence. We are working for the honest and people like you. We will collect all the needful things which are useful for you in legal matters. As we are licensed firm, our evidence are valid in legal matters.

Money Recovery Services

What is worst than losing our hard earned money? Many fraud people live in our society. First, they take some money from you by talking some lies. After getting a money from you they completely ignore you. We suggest you, don't trust anyone in the world in money related matters. If you are also a victim of such kind of money theft, then we help you to investigate this. We will try to recover your hard earned money from such fraud people and cheaters.